First Trimester & Your Relationship

I am in my 12th week of pregnancy this week and it has brought so many changes so quickly.

I have been blessed with an easy first trimester compared to what I have learned other people have had.

Thrown up once, constipation, and very strong nausea.

(sorry TMI, you get use to it with me)

One change no one really talks about is how quickly your relationship shifts in so many different ways!

I have struggled with what seems like 24/7 nausea. That alone doesn’t want me to kiss my significant other and that has been hard. I realized this a couple weeks ago after a couple weeks of non stop nausea. It hit me how much I was missing my kisses and craving for the nausea to go away ASAP! I love my kisses from my Jacob!

On top of no kisses I didn’t want to be touched. I feel that has been hard on us as well.

 No kisses, No hugs, and No snuggles.

No one prepares you for that part!

On top of that my poor significant other has felt like he is doing everything wrong, that I don’t like him anymore, and so much more!



I love him even more so and feel this always need to apologize for the grumpy times I get, the uncomfortable I feel with everything at the moment, and everything else one feels in pregnancy.

Have any of you experienced the first trimester relationship blues?

Male or Female I would love to hear your thoughts, feelings,  and stories if you have!


5 thoughts on “First Trimester & Your Relationship

  1. Ugh! I had terrible constipation during my first and a good part of my second trimester. If it’s still bothering you, I took generic Metamucil pills daily (5 at a time, once a day) and that helped tremendously!


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