Jacob’s Art Show

Jacob (the boyfriend) had an art show last night with guys he works with. He is a tattoo artist so it was him and a couple guys from his shop hosting a neat little show. 

I am proud to say that Jacob sold 4 paintings last night and was the only one that sold anything! 

Yup I am one proud baby momma over here! 

I am sorry but I just have to brag about this and him in his own little blog post! 

Yeah I am being that girlfriend today! To be honest I am never that girlfriend either. I have his artwork on my body and only say something when people ask where I get my tattoos done but even in those moments he is my artist and not the boyfriend to be professional for him. 

Here though is my own world and Jacob can be everything rolled into one for my readers! 

With that said the bragging will continue! There is a photo of his art from last night and if you want to check out this award winning tattoo artist for black and gray portraits then check his Instagram out here 


He is absolutely amazing in all forms of art that he does from tattooing, building tattoo machines, and making beautiful canvas art. I have never been so proud to call anyone mine before! ❤️
Happy Saturday All! 


4 thoughts on “Jacob’s Art Show

  1. I am not surprised that he sold his paintings because they’re gorgeous! I love the vibe of his art. Definitely checking out his instagram.

    P.S. Didn’t mention earlier, but I love the theme of your blog!

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      1. He has another fan here – stunning work! You should be proud! My guy just opened up his own company in his field, and I brag about him and hand out his business cards all over the place. He’s the one with the skill to back it up, and since people who know me know I don’t recommend anyone lightly (because then it’s my rep on the line!) he’s gotten a lot of business out of it and more than a few recommends. Keep on being the proud baby mama you are xo

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