Love For Male & Female

It has been brought to my attention this week that a girl I once spent a lot of time taking care of is going through some interesting ways of finding themselves.

For the privacy of this person I can’t use their name but I will share A Female, 14 years old, starting high school this coming August, a straight A student, who has been dancing since she was 3.

First off I want to commend this 14 year old to come out so openly with her caretaker on this specific topic and how brave she is for being able to at the age she is at. I know it is not easy to do but it is amazing of her to do so.

This young lady’s caretaker called me the other day to chat about some recent discoveries. She told me this young lady came to her and told her that she thinks she has attraction feelings towards boys and girls.

I am someone who is very open minded. I was raised that as long as you are in a happy healthy loving non abusive relationship that you can love whoever you want but with this specific child at this moment in time the news came out of left field for me.

It came out of left field for me because I spoke with this young lady on the phone about a week or so ago and she told me that there is a boy that she likes and he likes her back. Told me all about this boy and I remember thinking oh to be a young teenager again.

Her caretaker told me this has been something that has come up on and off for the last 3 months and that she is worried for her to start high school. Her caretaker comes from a catholic family and isn’t as open minded as I am but is actually doing a good job of being open minded in this situation which makes me so happy to hear.

She mentioned to me that all she has really said to the young lady is that she would prefer she would haven’t any sexual contact with male or female till she is 18 because she is still young. Which I loved because 14 is too young to have sex with either opposite sex or same sex.

Her caretaker and I got off the phone and I let this knowledge sink in for a couple hours. There isn’t much anyone can do right now but be supportive of the situation and let the young lady know she is loved. As the hours went by and I was looking back on this young lady’s life it was starting to make sense to me that she would end up at some point coming out with this. I started to look at who should would be at my age of 27 and I vision her being happy in her own skin in a relationship with man or woman.


How would you handle your child or a child you love/care so much for that came out with this? Would it bother you? Would you persuade them one way or another? Disown them like I have heard of people doing before? Just love them?


One thought on “Love For Male & Female

  1. I think its so sad that people can’t come to except everyone’s differences. Love is one of the most precious things we can share. We are taught that was is on the inside is what matters, who cares for the external. Young I still may be, but I think anyone can understand a concept so simple.


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